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Jan 11, 2013 4:30am PST
that same question in afghanistan or pakistan or africa 90% of ands come up and i think the as great tragedy we've lost that oral tradition and a rich tradition about folklore and heritage and faith and heritage. to honor that today i'd like to share with you a little story. it's a hard cover book that came out in march of 2006. anybody have a hard cover. wave it up here. you might not want it after i say this. i got to pick the title. three cups of tea but viking told me they would pick the subtitle and they picked one man mission to fight terrorism one school at a time. i objected because obviously there's- ways to fight tear riz m with education but i said i do this to promote peace and i started 8 years before 911 and this is about promoting peace through education. i've worked afghanistan and pakistan many years and i said we need to have a tribal council. i went to manhattan in the fall of 2005 and the big boss of the whole group, nancy shepherd and carlin coburn in publicity. we met in a little room and i stated my case and they said, this is your first book so you need to listen to a
Jan 11, 2013 5:00am PST
. this is pakistan in 2005. 74,000 people were killed in this earthquake. 18,000 were kids going to school. most of the kids that died were younger and female because they didn't have desks so when the walls started shaking and the roof came down they perished. there was 9,000 schools destroyed or rendered unusable. 1/2 million kids displaced out of school. in earthquake, they call it the coy mot that means this apocalypse. at first there was a very heroic effort. infer natio international community helped. after katrina red cross got 2,000,000 for help and for this earthquake red cross received 6 million dollars. the united states sent in helicopters that conductd the greatest air lift in the history of mankind. moved about 20 thousand on thes in the mountains to keep 1/2 million people a hive during the wintertime. it was very heroic and people were grateful. aid has dropped 70 percent after a year in the wake of that void many jihad and people labeled terrorists have set up camps. this is one here. in pakistan. and in that camp, there are many kids that are previously were going to school and
Jan 25, 2013 5:00am PST
raising letters and in pakistan i learned to use a local laptop. slate board there. the whole village participated in the building school and it was a joy ous time. this is 18 miles - on that bridge - i didn't mention it but there's 5, 800 pound cables they carried up to the village. 8 men would put this with a spool and carry this up to the village. this is where they're carrying the struts and beams for the roof. what's amazing here, this man is the head man for the village. i don't know if there's clergy here, but in their culture they're not supposed to do labor. they're suppose to give spiritual advice. he carried the first load symbolizing his advocacy for education. in the back there's the silver beard. see after three years we hadn't gotten very far. the problem wasn't them but me. i was doing something we call micromanage meant. i had my receipts and i was determined to make this school getting built without losing one dollar and village chief one day came up to me and sat me down and said son, you need to do one thing, you need to sit down and be quiet and let us do the wor
Jan 28, 2013 11:30pm PST
's talk about pakistan. [laughter] >> that is a law professor thinking that is easier. go ahead. >> a number of our questioners note that it seems to be public record that there have been some challenges in the relationship between our government and pakistan and, yet, pakistan continues to be an important strategic partner, and allied in a very complicated region. i would love to hear you speak a little bit about how you see that relationship with respect to our law enforcement activities and what you think we might expect in that relationship going forward. >> it is interesting. in today's world of globalization -- when i started as a united states attorney back in the late 1970's, i probably had one case that had some ramifications outside of this district. now, i would say it is probably the reverse. nine out of 10 cases intersect with persons in other jurisdictions, whether it be within the united states or internationally. what happens is, regardless of whether it is pakistan or a number of countries you could mention where we have diverging interests, there are also inter
Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
to pakistan. for 27 years i raised my children there. my elderly father lived there comfortably without a third story. i felt lucky to live in this part of the sunset and can i have the overhead? this is looking in one direction and 37 houses and two story and looking in the other direction. as you can see there is a long line of concontinuous houses that works. i believe the sponsor is disingenuous and they own other homes and both seem unoccupied for a long time. it's not the residential guidelines purpose to fasailtate their needs if they can't find a way to live together in two homes. she's the neighbors to the north and on the south she said the south didn't oppose and in fact if that group is two letters from the people at that address opposing it. i can skip that. opposition of this proposal is overwhelming amongst our neighbors. as i walked around the neighborhood asking people how they felt what they want to did at 1587 all felt like i did except for two who just didn't care. to us it's home and we love the flow of the character of the neighborhood and don't want this d
Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm PST
of cells and prevented terrorist attacks. yet, core al qaeda, operating out of pakistan, remains committed to high-profile attacks against the west. we confirmed this with records seized from osama bin laden's compaq after his death. we saw this with the plot to bomb the new york subway system in 2009. meanwhile, al qaeda affiliate's have emerged as significant threats. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula operating in yemen has attended several attacks on the united states, including the failed christmas day airline bombing in 2009 and the attempted bombing of u.s.-bound cargo planes in october 2010. most recently, we have a growing concern about the threat from homegrown violent extremists. these individuals have no typical profile. their experiences and motives are often distinct, but they are increasingly savvy and willing to act alone, which makes them difficult to find and stop. in 2009, smadi was a 19-year-old jordanian citizen living in texas, and although he espoused loyal to -- loyalty to al qaeda and some of the modern, he was not affiliated with any groups that would become terror
Jan 25, 2013 5:30am PST
was in pakistan around that very hard period called 911. after that the united states state department and embassy wanted to evacuate all united states citizens out of pakistan saying it's dangerous here but i had a lot of work to get done so. i called my wife and asked her what should i do and she said stay there with the people you love. finish up your work because you need to be over there right now. and when i was in pakistan after 911, everywhere i went i was touched by outpouring of empathy and hospitality. i remember a poor elderly widow that brought me five precious eggs and pushed them in my palm and said bring these back to the widows in new york suffering. this is all i have to share with them. i was invited for prayers of piecen the mosque and every whether i went people apologized even though they didn't have anything to do with it. finally it came time and i went back and when i got to corefa, hangele had passed away. i went to his grave and stood there look at his box in the ground and thought, how can i go on, this man had become my father, mentor and guide. he told me to sit down
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)